There’s still time to do the things you love.

Only “There’s still time” (TM) brand sand timer hourglass designs use A.I. to improve on this centuries old technology. We harness the power of A.I. to create sand timer hourglass designs that capture the essence of the things you love within the chambers of a sand timer hourglass & offer them on quality products you need. These sand timers remind you the time to act is always now. Join our community and be a part of the movement. It’s a movement that is revitalizing the ancient sand timer technology with A.I.

When you click the product links below you will be taken to a description of the product that is located here. When you select the Buy Now button you will be taken to our shop and the product page on Red Bubble. Red Bubble completes are large percentage of online print on demand fulfilment and does an excellent job!

the creator christopher bradley is pictured smiling and waiving

My name is Chris and it was when I happened randomly upon a sand timer at a discount store in 2023 that I realized the time to act is always now! So act now! Dig into our blog and learn from the wisdom that inspired some of our most motivating and uplifting sand timer hourglass designs and visit our shop where you can order our amazing designs printed on demand and shipped to your front door

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